Nerc IP-SIP (Internet Telephone Protocol) is a revolution in telecommunications. It offers users the ability to make telephone calls over any broadband Internet connection. It provides users with VoIP service, which enables them to make use of their Internet connection as a telephone handset. The major features of Nerc IP-SIP include:

Low cost – Nerc IP-SIP has a low price. This makes it popular for small and medium-sized businesses and organizations that are looking for a good VoIP service with affordable monthly fees. Moreover, it has a low cost per call transaction, making it an ideal solution for small business telephony needs. Nerc IP-SIP also provides additional advantages like easy portability, high bandwidth, reliability and security.

High quality voice – In addition to making phone calls, users can also use Internet telephony. Nerc IP-SIP technology offers high quality voice transmission through packet data. The transmitted voice becomes more lifelike and realistic because of its digital format.

Convenience – Nerc IP-SIP allows you to have the freedom of making calls from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection and you are ready to go. You don’t need a phone line, a landline or any extra equipment for making calls. This brings along with it lots of convenience – from the ability to place a call anywhere in the world, at anytime of the day, to take your voice and location with you anywhere you go, to make a sales call to a client on location.

Scalability – With a single control station, you can manage multiple connections at the same time. For example, you can have three simultaneous calls going at the same time. You can do multiple functions at the same time like taking phone messages, sending voice mail and even dialing multiple numbers. This makes it much more convenient to manage your calls.

Security – Sophisticated security features make it easy for organizations to secure their networks from unauthorized access. Passwords, smart cards and biometrics help in this regard. In fact, all the features that were mentioned above are part of the standard offerings by all Nerc SIP providers. Advanced authentication methods such as MAC address management and OTP and DH groups help in further protecting your systems. Thus, you get complete security for your calls.

Nerc Sip

Call management – The voice mail gets recorded so that you are aware of your calls. Call recording can be done both while the user is talking and when the device is in silent mode. You can track the number of minutes and the number of seconds that the call lasted. You can also listen to previous calls that might have been lost due to transmission problems.

There is lot more to Nerc SIP than these few lines to mention. But this provides a good idea about what it is all about. It is very easy to understand and has practical applications that make it a preferred choice for large organizations. So, what are you waiting for? Switch on your Nerc SIP service today!

Nerc SIP is based on industry standards like IP telephony and MPLS. In fact, all kinds of networks can be brought into play with the help of a single Nerc SIP phone system. This is a feature that makes Nerc SIP very flexible and efficient. With Nerc SIP, you do not have to buy a new IP telephony system or pay extra bucks for an MPLS network.

SIP VoIP allows voice and data communication over any broadband Internet connection. This makes it perfect for small businesses and even individuals who want to maximize voice and data communication costs. Even if your Internet connection is slower, Nerc SIP works fine.

SIP Trunking – Nerc SIP uses trunking to enable multiple calls at the same time. This works in the same way as conventional phones do. Each call gets routed to the right department with the help of a PIN. Callers are thus directed to the correct person or the right extension without being interrupted.

As mentioned earlier, Nerc SIP can be used with any broadband Internet connection. This is another advantage of this business phone system. No matter how fast your Internet speed is, you can still use Nerc SIP. This is because Nerc SIP has been designed to work well with medium-speed connections. For those who have dial-up connections, however, they will not experience significant improvements with their phone system.

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