Interviewing is one of the hardest parts of the job search. But there are some strategies you can use to make it a little bit easier.
Here’s a list of the best code interview platforms companies use today. Read on to find out whether it is Geektastic, Codility, HackerRank or someone else that is best for your needs.
The factors that guided our selection are;

  • Pricing – How affordable the platform is to interviewers.
  • Speed and User Experience – How fast the platform is, whether it allows real-time coding and communication and how reliable it is for multiple users.
  • Additional Features – Whether the platform has additional features for whiteboarding, cheating detection and video and audio support.

Okay, let’s get to it. Here is the list of the six best code interview platforms.


Geektastic ( is a pioneer for human-reviewed code challenges. Unlike HackerRank and Codility, this platform is designed for startups and small and medium enterprises.
The key features offered by Geektastic are customizable tests, online testing and real-time interactions. Geektastic also offers peer-reviewed code challenges that recruiters can use to speed up their hiring process.
Geektastic prices begin from £250 per month, which allows a team of less than 3. Companies with more than three teams can go for the £500/month or the £1500/month plans.


When it comes to usability, Coderbyte ranks among the best. The interview feature of this platform has great functionality and is easy to use.
Coderbyte also offers interviewers a whiteboard feature and allows them to make interview templates for coding challenges. Pricing is affordable, beginning at $99 per month. This platform also allows multiple interviewers to join in a session.
The only downside we noticed is that Coderbyte does not have a video and audio feature. It does, however, have Zapier integration that enables users to sync with other communication platforms.


Known for its enterprise solutions, HackerRank is dubbed the best for large companies and corporations. This platform has additional features like video and audio support and SSO.
HackerRank enables real-time collaboration between recruiters and candidates during a coding session. This platform as well offers code challenges that developers and candidates can solve to prepare for interviews.
When it comes to pricing, HankerRank is, however, on the high end. Pricing begins at $25 per month, which comes with limiting features, then goes to $249 per month for less than 30 candidates.


Many people consider CoderPad the best for live and real-time coding interviews. The online IDE of this platform functions well for most code languages. It also allows candidates to review and test their code when writing it.
CoderPad has a great design that allows candidates to prepare easily for an interview. This platform also offers code challenges for developers that want to hone their skills.
CodePad is also a bit pricy, beginning at $50 per month for personal accounts and $250 per month for team accounts.


Codility has a great interview product that enables real-time collaboration between candidates and interviewers. This platform has a built-in audio and video tool. It also has a whiteboard feature that candidates can use to plan their code.
CodeLive, the interview product of Codility, works well in over 40 code languages. Codility also offers interview templates so that interviewers can quickly and easily set up coding tasks.
Codility’s pricing plan depends on the interviewer’s recruiting plan. The pricing information is not available on their site.


CodeSignal has a good user experience that allows interviewers to create and track interview sessions for candidates. Their interview product is easy to use, and it enables candidates to review and test their code.
CodeSignal also has a whiteboard feature that candidates can use to create flow diagrams for their code. This platform has video and audio support that comes with recording capabilities for candidates that would like to record feedback.