What is the Internet Paradigm?

Einar Stefferud

A Virtual Seminar at the MCG

The MCG is hosting a "Virtual Seminar" by Einar Stefferud -- both as an experiment as well as for the benefit of the Internet community, albeit using simple HTML and e-mail. Currently, the mcg-talk list reaches participants from 26 countries -- which can benefit from the virtual seminar, as well as other groups. Participation is open to all. The virtual seminar is built around two actual talks in Brazil, one at the Campinas State University - UNICAMP, Campinas - SP, on 4/Aug/98 and the other at the SegNet Seminar in Brasilia - DF, on 7/Aug/98. The talks were similar in content, with the following abstract:
What is the Internet Paradigm?
Einar Stefferud, Network Management Associates
The Internet provides raw power. Thus, it works as an amplifier which can reward results and self-discipline, or problems and inefficiency. The talk discusses the growth of the Internet and its working paradigms, as well as its evolution. For example, the concept of interworkability -- beyond interoperation, in order to achieve the massive collaboration made possible by the Internet. Which motivates several governance principles, including a move away from centralized control and stressing self-discipline. Sublayer independence and a simple core with complex edges will also be discussed as part of the Internet Paradigm. 

The virtual seminar is based on the talk slides -- which are available here:

The talk slides are available in .ppt (PowerPoint) and will also be available as individual .gif images in the next future.

Mr. Stefferud will directly answer the virtual attendees' selected questions that are e-mailed to the address paradigm@mcwg, including questions from the actual talk, which will be selected for publication at the MCG site, at this URL (paradigm.htm). The closing date for the questions is the end of August.


Einar Stefferud is Founder (1969) and President of Network Management Associates. He provides Strategic Technical and Management Advisory Information Services on internet environments. He is a CoFounder (1994) of First Virtual Holdings Incorporated which launched an Internet Payment System in October 1994. (http://www.fv.com)

He was involved in pre-standards work for X.400/X.500 in IFIP WG 6.5, and post-standards profiling in the NIST OIW. He was involved in the US ANSI OSI Registration Authority; the US National Mail Transfer Service Interest Group (USMTS) and the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) where he has been involved with EMail standards development (e.g., MIME, SMTP Extensions and MHTML).

He has been active in ARPA/NSF/IETF Internet since 1975. Mr. Stefferud earned a BA and MBA from UCLA, has published in numerous periodicals, organized and participated in many professional conferences, and has served as a Program Committee Member for many Conferences. He was Event Chair of the DCI Internet Expo Conference from 1993-1997. He is a Retired Adjunct Professor of Information and Computer Science at the University of California, Irvine. He was Chair of IFIP Working Group 6.5 on Upper Layer Protocols, Architectures and Applications (ULPAA) from 1990 to 1996. He served as Chair of the 1988, 1990, 1992, 1994 IFIP WG 6.5 ULPAA Conferences.

Mr. Stefferud was honored by Communications Week Magazine as one of the Top 10 Visionaries in the Computer-Communications Industry for 1993 (Communications Week, 23 August 1993), and has been awarded Patent No. 5,757,917 with Dr. Marshall T. Rose and Dr. Nathaniel Borenstein for a "Computerized Payment System for Purchasing Goods and Services on the Internet".

CONTACT INFORMATION: Einar Stefferud, President Phone: (714) 842-3711 Network Management Associates, Inc. FAX: (714) 848-2091 17301 Drey Lane Huntington Beach, CA 92647-5615 EMail: Stef@nma.com

The talk at UNICAMP was organized with Prof. Ricardo Dahab,  (rdahab@dcc.unicamp.br) and is supported by the MCG, TECSOFT, SOFTEX Campinas and UNICAMP. The SegNet Seminar was organized by TECSOFT.