MCG - Publications

1. Overviews, Tutorials and Excerpts:

  • Intrinsic Certification examples, by Tony Bartoletti and E. Gerck. Discusses intrinsic identification, identity and certification -- with easy-to-follow examples for each. 
  • The Unabridged X.509 Certificate, by E. Gerck and N. Bohm. Contains the full explicit and implicit content of a generic X.509 certificate and thus may  well represent what is meant by any X.509 Certificate that the reader may need to accept or buy, such as for https (SSL) access, for S/MIME e-mail, etc. 
  • 1997-98 MCG Report

  • A Technical Summary of Developments, with an overview and reference guide.

2. Published E-mails (selected from MCG listservers):

3. Research Papers and Short Communications:
  • Certification: Extrinsic, Intrinsic and Combined, by E. Gerck. This work divides all possible security designs for Internet certification in extrinsic, intrinsic and combined, providing a general theory for Internet certification. The intrinsic and combined designs are new certification methods.

  • (under review -- pls contact the author) Certificate Ontology, Part I, by E. Gerck.
  • Unicity, DES Unicity, Open-Keys, Unknown-Keys, by E. Gerck. Revisits the concept of unicity and shows that key-length is not the most important parameter to evaluate the security of cryptographic systems, discussing possible weakness in current systems and alternatives. To exemplify, a 70-bit exportable DES is proposed, directly  based on 56-bit DES.

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