License Conditions for the Meta-Certificate Standard -- MCS

(this text is not for reference or attribution -- only for revision purposes -- it has no commercial value)

The MCS is free for educational use and non-commercial use as a part of an end-user application. Here, non-commercial means that no party involved has any commercial advantage, financially or otherwise, in producing, distributing or selling the software. Software that, for example, is given to customers of an internet service provider "for free" when subscribing to the service, is not  considered non-commercial.

Any use, either educational, non-commercial or commercial, requires registration. Any information acquired by the MCG this way will not be used for any other purpose, given away or sold to any other party.

The MCS may not be redistributed in other libraries, class-libraries or anything similar. The license conditions only allow to produce end-user applications.

There are two types of licenses: developer-license and runtime-license. Each developer that uses the software to build applications needs a developer-license.

Each application that is sold to end-users and contains parts of the MCS needs one runtime-license.For multiple licenses sold, multiple runtime-licenses are required.

Each developer-license includes 100 runtime-licenses. Prices for additional licenses are given below. There are no royalties for usage of any developer- or runtime-license.


Developer- and Runtime-Licenses
License-Type  Price in US$
MCS Single developer-license  
MCS Multiple developer-licenses 3-10  
MCS Multiple developer-licenses > 10  
+ 100 Runtime-licenses  
+ 1000 Runtime-licenses  
+ unlimited licenses  
Full License (unlimited developer- and runtime-licenses)

All developer-licenses entitles the user to a copy of the source-code for inspection and evaluation as well as to ensure the  continued use of the software in case the MCG should cease supporting the product version at any time in the future. The source code is copyright MCG, wth all rights reserved and can only be used for inspection and compilation. No changes, copying or partial copying are allowed.

Above licenses include free upgrades of all minor version-update releases  within one year after purchase as well as special prices for major version-update releases.