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When we created the MCG in 1997, we soon had participants from 26 countries. The mcg-talk list discussions were anonymized, allowing people to more easily focus on issues rather than positions. The trust-ref list provided valuable feedback in answering the great questions of trust in Internet communications, security, and protocols. Hundreds of thousands of people have downloaded our papers. Mirrors we do not even know of, lots of email, and many published references worldwide.  This is work that continues to be influential and useful. The conversations continue elsewhere, applied to Internet standards and practical developments in several work-groups and companies worldwide. Please read and enjoy. This is a flash of the site as it existed then, from 1997 to 2000. Some links are not operational, including the listservers. A new web address to be announced here and elsewhere shall provide renewed opportunities for dialogue.


Internet Open Group on Certification and Security

The MCG - Meta-Certificate Group -  is a non-profit, open international standards group that represents a technical development forum dedicated to a fresh exploration of the Internet security issues of today. 
What is your opinion:  "Certificates are trustful because they certify,or they certify because they are trustful?"
Discuss these issues and the subject of security in general -- subscribe to the mcg-talk list:
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